MCR Engineering: Air Conditioning 


MCR can provide a versatile yet affordable solution to cool, heat ventilate and control your building. Our air conditioning systems can simultaneously heat and cool different spaces across a building offering complete flexibility of design and control with excellent energy efficiency. We have an extensive product range to suit all types of developments from small retail outlets to multi storey complexes.


VRF Systems

This type of system consists of a number of air handling units connected to a single external condensing unit, and allows refrigerant fl ow to be varied using either an inverter controlled variable speed compressor, or multiple compressors of varying capacity in response to changes in the cooling or heating requirements within the air conditioned space.


Benefits include:


  • Allows a rapid and economic design solution Extensive equipment range to satisfy all applications
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Economic and flexible installation
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Year round comfort


Room Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a great way to control the temperature of the internal environment of a building. Air conditioning is suitable for any building. Air conditioning can cool and warm the air of a building, it can also often heat the water supply through the same system. Air conditioning can reduce energy costs by running the heating and hot water system in tandem with regulating temperatures within the building. Depending on the use of the building, an air conditioning system can promote a comfortable working, living and leisure environment for those within the building.



Samurai Chillers offer world-renowned reliability thanks to Hitachi’s own twin screw compressors. Samurai are commercial and industrial chilled water systems, including cooling only and heat pump air-to-water, water-to-water and condenser less types.



We can design, supply and fit ventilation and air handling units for any application.


Sample Air Conditioning Projects Include:


  • Affidea Clinic: Donegal. Installation of Mitsubishi VRF to new MRI Clinic.   Value: €75K
  • Letterkenny University Hospital: Donegal.  Installation of Mitsubishi Units to new  Haematology unit. Value: €30k.
  • McElhinneys Store: Donegal. Installation of 30 Mitsubishi Units to new  warehouse. Value: €115k.
  • Imtech Engineering: British Postal Museum, London. Installation of Daikin VRF Systems.   Value: €150k.
  • MDE Installations: Lidl, Dublin 3 and 24.  Installation of 13 and 8 Mitsubishi Units.  Value: €60k and €35k.
  • Red Electrical: Craven Hill Gardens, London. Installation of 25 Toshiba units to Luxury apartments in Westminster. Value: €130k
  • Red Electrical: Dexion House, London.  Installation of Mitsubishi VRF system to new  Student Accommodation in Wembley. Value €220k.
  • Red Electrical: Sherwood Court, London.   Installation of 12 Toshiba Air Conditioning Units  and 9 Heat Recovery Units. Value: €100K.
  • Troy Group: Hoxton Hotel, London. Installation of Air Conditioning to all 209  bedrooms. Value: €300k.