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Vitacress, Andover U.K.

Client Activity: The cultivation and distribution of Watercress prepacked salads.

Client Requirement: To achieve an environmentally secure loading facility, with provision to open vehicle doors into the loading dock.

Solution: MCR Engineering provided 13no. Esidock loading dock systems, technical features include 4 sided environmental dock seal, telescopic lip dock leveller and retractable dock bumpers.

Nutrition Supply Services

Nutrition Supply Services project to package various final products (Vitamins, Minerals, Nucleotides, Amino Acids and PUFA's) into three specific box sizes. The MCR Automation new packaging line consist of three packaging specific areas. The high containment packaging area, consisting of a liner inserter, decuffer sealer, box taper, labeller and transfer conveyors. An ATEX rated product filling suite within the high containment area, containing the product filling equipment. The secondary containment area that will house box erection and finished product palletising operations. External to the secondary high containment area will be the box line consumables assembly area and a finished product holding area as per details in sketch above. MCR Automation are using barcode tracking technology to track fully packed boxes to palletising robots to avoid any product mixing. The box packaging line will operate as a standalone facility as regards line operations; the filler will however be interlocked to the building environmental controls such that it will only operate when the environmental controls are operational. Nutrition Supply Services production operators will transfer finished product in 1.5 M/T Tote Bins from the facilities manufacturing area into the box line packaging area.  Here the totes will be loaded onto a discharge system located above the box filling equipment, from where they will be filled into either of the three box sizes to the required different finished product weights for that specific box.

FMC Biopolymer

FMC Biopolymers existing facility is used to manufacture Avicel PH, an excipient ingredient for the food and pharmaceutical industries. There had a box and drum packaging line which was obsolete and was replaced with the MCR new bag in box line and drum line.  The project was intended to retrofit the existing control system with one that will incorporate existing conveyors and filling lines and manage communication between the new and existing elements. The scope of the project was to design, construct, commission and qualify the new box and drum filling line comprising of a box erector, a liner inserter, bag decuffer and sealer (combined unit) and a box taper, to facilitate the filling and packaging of Avicel, in accordance with GMP standards and procedures. This was a very challenging project where two bag insertion was used for longer shelf life for FMC customers. This was a very successful project and it has opened more places in the market  for FMC customers.

Celtic Pure

MCR Engineering delivered 5 Loading bays to Celtic Pure, the client opted for upgraded ‘Constant Contact Head Seal’ arrangements on the exterior envelope for a greater environmental seal and prevention of external weather ingress.


Fully Automated Pallet Handling System for Bulk Powder Lines: MCR Automation provided GlaxoSmithKline Ireland with a bespoke pallet conveyor handling line for 1 Tonne Bulk Powder bags on plastic pallets.

Gantry Palletising Robots for Tabs Lines: MCR Automation provided GlaxoSmithKline Ireland with two gantry palletising robot systems for tablet lines. Each palletiser robot can handle two pallet at one time.

Drum and Box Handling Line for Materials and Recipe Line: MCR Automation provided GlaxoSmithKline in Scotland fully automated drum and box handling line with two special pass through hatch from low care to high care cleanrooms.

Glanbia Lough Egish

MCR were engaged by Glanbia with Malone O’Regan acting as consultants to provide a loading bay solution at their expanded UHT facility. The brief demanded the best possible sealing at the loading bay which is the most vulnerable point in the building to pest ingress. With this in mind MCR installed our ESIDOCK loading bay solution which provides for a four sided seal around the trailer while the loading/ unloading process takes place. MCR also provided on grade access, fast acting, Fire shutter and steel doors for the project.

Aryzta, Grangecastle, Dublin

Client Activity: The manufacture and distribution of frozen food products

Client requirement: To achieve an environmentally secure loading dock facility and to increase the operational and cost efficiency by reducing chill air loss through the loading docks.

Solution: MCR Engineering provided 16no. Constant Contact Foam Pad Dock Seals, technical features include auto adjustable dock seal head curtain, heavy duty foam pad dock seals with wear resistant pleats, spring steel dock bumpers 1no raised 100mm above ffl.

Grifols, Grangecastle, Dublin

Client Activity: To process and distribute frozen blood plasma.

Client Requirement: To achieve an unbroken cold chain and environmentally secure loading dock facility, with provision to open vehicle doors into the loading dock.

Solution: MCR Engineering provided 7no Esidock loading dock systems, technical features include 4 sided environmental dock seal, telescopic lip dock leveller and retractable dock bumpers.


MCR were retained by RBH Project Management on behalf of the BWG Group to act as the main contractor to refurbish 12 no. existing loading bays and create 6 no additional loading bays including all civil works. MCR completed all bays with our Constant Contact Dock seal which provides the best possible seal in the conventional loading bay situation.

Corby Rock

MCR Engineering provided a solution for our client in the grain industry, the nature of the clients business meant the requirement for large openings had to be maintained while provided ease of access for large vehicles while containing designated areas while the trucks were bulk loading.