MCR Security: Control and Monitoring Solutions


24/7 Control & Operations Centre

By utilising the latest in CCTV and security technology the MCR Security Control Centre is the spine of our operations. The round-the-clock Control Centre directs all operations, to ensure continuity of services, protection of client premises and staff, and immediate response to alarm activation or situation. The centre monitors all security patrol activity and alarms on client premises. It is in constant contact with active security personnel and will allocate all necessary assistance to any situation that may arise on client premises. Security personnel are in radio communication with the control room at all times.


Real-time Clocking System

Our state of the art clocking system provides real time information on the location & activity of all security officers, all clocking logs & reports can be accessed and viewed via the client login portal provided. We also offer a range of other web based applications & services to help manage the daily operations of any site or building.


Virtual Assistant Platform

The MCR Security VAP (Virtual Assistant Platform) is a calendar based web application for staff to keep track of the daily activities on a site or building.